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Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Shipping

Printed parts are made to order and shipped once checked. If there is a queue this will delay your order but generally we get all orders our within 2 weeks at most.

Hardware items, such as hotends, nozzles and PEI sheets are processed within 2-3 business days

Postage wise all orders should arrive within 5 business days in the UK, international orders would be 5-7 business days to leave the UK. We cannot give estimates for customs and international courier companies.

Please allow additional days in transit for delivery. If there will be a significant delay in shipment of your order, we will contact you via email

Delivery delays can occasionally occur.

Please use the contact us page to make any changes. These can only be adjusted if the order is still “Processing” once complete it would be too late.

Once payment is received you will be notified by email that your order is being processed. Any subsequent updates are then automatically sent via email. Of course, if something is needed, just contact us directly.

We endeavour to ship to any country. Some of our shipping charges are estimates and if you want a precise price just get in touch.

Yes, orders will arrive in one package.

If it’s a printed parts kit we bag various parts separately to make it easier to start your build. An example of this would be a Voron 2.4 kit will have the gantry, Z Drives, electronics, skirts etc bagged separately.

Yes, we can offer any mod you like. We are aware of most popular mods but if you want something particular we may ask you to provide the STLs. Otherwise we can offer free substitutions for parts but charge extra for additional parts. For example, If you order for a Voron 2.4 kit and want the idlers changing from standard to Ramas, we would not charge any extra. If they are an additional item there will be an extra cost to cover off the time and filament.

For a long time we have been using eSUN ABS+, this is mainly due to most people wanting a matte appearance to their prints, however, some people have been reporting layer adhesion issues with eSUN. This is not something we, nor our customers have experienced with our parts, however, we are slowly switching to Polymaker, Cat Yarn and Fillamentum. The downside is these are more expensive and our prices may have to slightly increase to cover this off.

For now, if the colour does not specify the brand, it will be eSUN, other brands state their names in front of the colour.


2 weeks. With every order being printed specifically for you we do have lead times on parts, this ensures you get exactly what you want, with any mods, adjustments, filament adjustments etc. We may offer stocked kits in the future but this will be specifically stated on the item.

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

Orders can be returned within 14 days of receiving, and you have 14 days to return the goods once you have informed us. A refund is then processed within 14 days of receiveing the goods back.

Bespoke items, such as printed parts kit as exempt from this as they are made to order. However, we will are happy to work with you to resolve any issues.

Please get in contact with us and we will resolve any issues.

If your parcel arrives damaged, please inform us as soon as possible. Please retain all packaging and take pictures of the state of the parcel when it arrived with you. We will need this information to make a claim, should it arise.

Generally we would provide a returns label on request but if you’d like to send via your own courier, please send to


21 Ivory Close



United Kingdom

Please contact us via email, this can be done using the contact form or simply emailing us at

Please get in contact with us as soon as possible with what you’d like to change it to and we will update this.

Bespoke orders cannot be changed once we have started to print them but please contact us and we will do what we can.

This will be stated on the item page, if it can be back ordered it will allow you to do so.

Any damages to printed parts will be replaced as soon as possible, even if you damaged them. We operate a honesty policy and ask if you damaged the part, please just cover the postage, we will still replace the item itself free of charge.